CGM ELVI in the social service system

The digital revolution is permanently altering the world of social work. The lives of those at whom such services are targeted are also increasingly being affected by data and digital environments. New technical possibilities are changing the requirements for communication.

Social networks or messaging services are often used in practice to enable targeted communication that is independent of the location. These purported solutions neither meet data protection requirements nor professional standards for trustworthy consultation. Adopting such methods passes on highly confidential information on to commercial services, and this is frequently not taken into account.

CGM ELVI offers a reliable and privacy-compliant alternative to various messaging and video service providers. It also opens up new pathways in professional video communications. Possible areas of use are many and varied. They include providing guidance to service users in environments such as residential groups as well as facilitating networking and communications between colleagues, family members, representatives of youth welfare services, doctors and psychologists.

CGM ELVI was developed with the expert support of Professor Martin Klein (Catholic University of Applied Sciences of North Rhine-Westphalia) and in close conjunction with agencies involved in the practical side of social work. It was originally designed as a tailored software solution to enable confidential video calls to take place within the sector.

CGM ELVI is very simple and intuitive to use. The system can be operated by persons who otherwise have very little to do with modern media. CGM ELVI can also be used on a smart phone or tablet or via an app.

Benefits in social work


Patients satisfaction

Workload reduction

Cost optimization

  • Highly accessible personal support, even over longer distances
  • Modern but secure communication with the main target group, which primarily consists of young people
  • A straightforward way of networking and communicating with colleagues, family members, representatives of youth services, doctors or psychologists
  • A quick means of responding to critical situations