CGM ELVI in Pharmacy

For dispensing chemists

Many elderly or infirm people are restricted in terms of mobility and are unable to use the advisory services available from dispensing chemists. CGM ELVI enables this barrier to be overcome.

CGM ELVI allows customers, care homes, medical supply stores and hospitals to receive rapid and qualified advice regardless of location. It ensures straightforward assistance for any issues and problems that may arise. At the same time, visual contact means that the session remains personal and that it is easier to impart information. This is particularly helpful when patients are using medical support devices at home, such as blood pressure monitors or breast pumps.

CGM ELVI can also be used to conduct video sessions between various branches/locations or staff.

Benefits for dispensing chemists


Patients satisfaction

Workload reduction

Cost optimization

  • Personal guidance and instruction via a video call provides a real service enhancement, especially for patients who are immobile or feeling unwell.
  • Rapid and straightforward assistance for any issues and problems that may arise
  • Elimination of the need to travel reduces the burden placed on staff and patients.
  • Visual contact makes it easier to impart information.
  • Involvement of family members or nursing staff in the video consultation