CGM ELVI in Healthcare system

For care homes and outpatient services

Care homes devote considerable time and staff resources to accompanying (immobile) patients on visits to the doctor’s surgery. Attending appointments is often arduous for residents, and a particular strain is placed on persons who are suffering from dementia. 

CGM ELVI, however, permits many doctors’ appointments to be conducted in the form of a video consultation. This solution represents an effective use of time and of human and financial resources. Home residents are also able to remain within their familiar environment, thus reducing the stresses to which they are exposed. 

The use of video consultations also offers many benefits to care services looking after patients with medical needs. Auxiliary workers attending a person with nursing requirements are able to seek guidance and support from a specialist. This creates greater security for all parties involved.

Benefits for care homes and outpatient services


Patients satisfaction

Workload reduction

Cost optimization

  • Fewer surgery visits and patient transports reduce the staff workload.
  • Residents/patients experience less stress if they are allowed to remain in a familiar environment. This particularly applies to persons suffering from dementia.
  • Decisions can be quickly and easily checked with a doctor in the case of critical situations. This gives added security.
  • Instruction of staff/auxiliary workers who are carrying out on site visits to persons needing care