CGM ELVI in Healthcare system

CGM ELVI at the doctor’s surgery

Video consultations

with patients

CGM ELVI provides a valuable addition to patient care. It offers a straightforward option which allows many consultations to be conducted in the form of video sessions. This saves both time and money and brings about a genuine reduction in the everyday pressures faced by the surgery. The travel requirements associated with home visits and patient transport are, for example, eliminated.

Patients also benefit from video consultations. The need to visit patients requiring high levels of care or who have mobility issues places a huge strain on the work of doctors’ surgeries. CGM ELVI can reduce this burden. Patients with work commitments, families with children and pregnant women all appreciate the opportunity to conduct their doctor’s appointment via video link. As well as saving time, this approach also lowers the risk of picking up an infection in the waiting room.

Video sessions

with medical colleagues, care homes and staff

CGM ELVI does not just offer video calls with patients. It is also used for case conferences between medical colleagues and for discussions with care homes.

Normal telephone conferences are frequently inadequate in such situations. Participants are able to arrive at decisions in the safe knowledge that data exchange and screen sharing are fully compliant with privacy regulations. This increases security for all parties. CGM ELVI also facilitates the provision of effective guidance and support to staff who are carrying out home visits.


Patients satisfaction

Workload reduction

Cost optimization

Benefits for the doctor

  • A reduction in the pressures of everyday working life at the surgery for the entire team because of the presence of fewer patients, for example
  • Elimination of the need to travel contributes to the saving of time and financial resources.
  • Support in providing care to immobile patients, care home residents and disabled persons
  • Image enhancement and increased patient loyalty, such as amongst those with work commitments
  • A straightforward way of facilitating specialist networking with medical colleagues or care homes
  • Guidance and instructions for staff carrying out home visits

Benefits for the patient

  • A less burdensome experience because of the elimination of travel and waiting times
  • Reduction in the number of transfers required for patients with mobility issues or high care needs
  • Avoidance of the infection of other patients in the waiting room
  • Personal visual and sound contact with the doctor
  • Ease of use via an app