CGM ELVI – Video Calls

Simple. Certified. Practical. Secure.

CGM ELVI is a video telephony software. Data exchange and screen sharing processes are fully compliant with data protection regulations, and the system provides a straightforward and secure way of conducting video calls in all branches and areas where confidential digital communications are essential.

Stringent tests have been carried out by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) in order to ensure that CGM ELVI adheres to the very highest security standards, including in relation to data privacy. CGM ELVI is also HIPAA compliant and thus fulfils security requirements for the American market.

The situations in which CGM ELVI can be deployed are multifarious. It offers an alternative to surgery visits in the healthcare sector and can, for example, also used be used to supplement personal consultation appointments. Because there is no need to travel, participants are able to save time and money and reduce any undue stress in their everyday (working) lives.